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Our region is one of the places in Europe that is very sensitive to drought and scarcity. The groundwater reserves are under pressure, and at the same time, scientists are predicting higher water consumption both in industry and at home.

What does Waterkracht mean for you?

Waterkracht helps to retain the valuable drinking water for the residents of Antwerp, while companies at the Port of Antwerp will be using circular water for their processes.

From 2025, Waterkracht will repurpose the treated wastewater from Antwerp households into cooling water for companies at the Port of Antwerp. 20 billion litres of water will be recycled and repurposed every year. This is as much as 600,000 residents use. Because less drinking water will be used by industry, there will be less stress on our natural sources. The result? More drinking water supply certainty for residents.

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