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Waterkracht is a collaboration between Aquafin, Ekopak, EPICo², and water-link. The parties are joining forces to repurpose the treated wastewater from Antwerp households into cooling water for companies in the Port of Antwerp by 2025. The collaboration is a milestone in the transition towards a sustainable port.

A new, high-tech cooling water plant will be built, which will repurpose 20 billion litres of wastewater treated by Aquafin into cooling water – which is of much higher quality than wastewater – as of 2025.

Water-link, the Flemish infrastructure fund EPICo², and Ekopak are setting up a joint venture together for the development of the cooling water plant. The company was named Waterkracht, and is a leading example of public-private collaboration: we join forces for sustainable water.

The project will be put in place from 2025.

Waterkracht is in talks with the Port of Antwerp to build the new and advanced cooling water plant on a plot in the NextGen district, the former Opel (Vauxhall) site, which will be transformed into a circular hub at the port.

Ekopak, EPICo², and water-link.

From 2025, a new treatment plant will repurpose 20 billion litres of wastewater treated by Aquafin into cooling water – which is of much higher quality than wastewater. This is equal to the water consumption of more than 600,000 residents or 400,000 families.

This project makes a significant contribution to the increased sustainability of the Port of Antwerp. The use of a circular, alternative water source reduces the pressure on freshwater resources and prepares us for future sustainable growth. Antwerp is the pilot city, and the project can also be applied in several other cities.

Ekopak will build and run the plant. Here, membrane technology will be used to treat the wastewater supplied for subsequent industrial applications.

We are facing more and more extreme weather conditions. We have to be prepared and arm ourselves against the future. ‘Every drop we can reuse is a drop we do not have to pump from the ground or from surface water. As such, Waterkracht is a perfect fit with the ‘Blue Deal’ initiative by the Flemish Government: we are combating drought by focusing on circular water.

The direct and indirect investments for this project amount to more than 100 million euros. The parties involved (Ekopak, EPICo², and water-link) entered into a preliminary agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) to enable the establishment of the joint ventures.

We are happy to help if you are interested in our project, or if you have any questions. If you would like to find out more about Waterkracht, please contact us using the contact form.