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I am a (port) company

Companies are increasingly setting specific targets for their use of energy, CO2 and water. Everyone feels the impact of climate change more and more each day. That is why it is important that companies can rely on good quality and sustainable water supply.

What does Waterkracht mean for your company?

Supply security

Sustainable water means your business is completely self-sufficient. The water supply remains constant and consistent, despite the effects of climate change. The source is climate-proof.


We repurpose the wastewater from Antwerp residents into cooling water. As your company uses circular water, less stress will be put on the fresh water sources.

Consistent quality

Thanks to innovative water treatment techniques, the water you use will always be of a consistent quality. There is less need to intervene using chemicals, and as such, your company will consume less energy.

Waterkracht, at the NextGen site

The project will be realised on the NextGen site at the Port of Antwerp-Bruges. A new pipe distribution network allows industrial customers at both the left and right bank to use the circular cooling water.

Interested in circular cooling water?

Water-link will provide the new pipe distribution network in the port and ensures that the cooling water gets to your company. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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