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Using a circular source of water

As of 2025, Aquafin, Ekopak, EPICo² and water-link will work together to repurpose the treated wastewater generated by Antwerp households to be used as cooling water by companies at the Port of Antwerp.

A new high-tech cooling water plant will be built that, from 2025 onwards, will repurpose 20 billion litres of wastewater into cooling water every year, which is equal to the water consumption of more than 600,000 residents. We are using a circular, alternative water source: this will reduce the pressure on fresh water resources.

Location of the installation

The new, advanced cooling water plant will be located on a plot in the NextGen district, the former Opel (Vauxhall) site, which is being repurposed into a circular hub in the Port of Antwerp.

Project partners

provides a new pipe distribution network at the port so that all industrial customers can use the circular cooling water.

builds and operates the new cooling water plant. Here, the treated wastewater is specially upgraded for further industrial usage.

treats the water used by the people of Antwerp. Aquafin will transport the effluent (in other words, the wastewater that has been treated for a first time) to the new cooling water plant.

EPICo² (Infrastructure fund) is helping to finance this project.

Joint Venture

Water-link, the infrastructure fund EPICo², and Ekopak have set up a joint venture called Waterkracht, which will develop the cooling water plant. The collaboration is a significant milestone in the transition towards a sustainable port.

Water certainty

Waterkracht wants to reduce the pressure on natural sources and focus more on circular water. This will give businesses and households in Antwerp more supply security, even in times of drought.

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