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Last year, Ekopak applied to take a two-hectare plot in the NextGen District (the former Opel site) into concession. The application has now been selected and the concession agreement has been signed with Port of Antwerp-Bruges. Ekopak will build a water factory of the future here, including a high-tech water treatment plant.

The new water plant is also an important milestone for Waterkracht. In this plant, Ekopak will further upgrade the supplied treated wastewater to cooling water for the port of Antwerp.

“We are going to build a circular water management plant with Ekopak technology in the NextGen District. This will be the model of the future for any industrial estate. We are very enthusiastic about this project, which we consider an important milestone in the development and implementation of grid-independent water solutions.”

– Pieter Loose, CEO Ekopak

Copyright: Dean Roger; Foto: Jacques Vandermeiren, CEO Port of Antwerp-Bruges and Pieter Loose, CEO Ekopak

“Circularity in action, that’s Waterkracht. With the concession in hand, the project becomes tangible. From 2025 onwards, we will supply large volumes of sustainable cooling water to industrial customers in the port.”

– Franky Cosaert, CEO water-link